Welcome to the new CECA Continuing Education website! Everyone will need to create a new log-in to use the site.  If you experience any problems registering, or if you had a test in progress on the old website that you need to continue, please call the CECA Office at 704-365-4016 for assistance.

CECA Code Course Continuing Education Testing

CECA offers the following 4 ways to take the Code Course Continuing Education Tests to fulfill the necessary hours for license renewal.

Please click here for information and to sign up for classroom continuing education sessions.

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The quickest way to complete your continuing education credits and you save 10% off of each test price!

  1. Register, purchase and take your test(s) online
  2. Get an immediate response on your grade and print your Completion Card                                             

Please note that Virginia no longer recognizes the online test for CE Credit.  Test must be taken in paper format to receive credit for Virginia.  

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Pay and Print

  1. Register and purchase your test(s) online
  2. In “My Account,” your test(s) will be provided in Adobe PDF format
  3. Print the test(s) from your computer
  4. Mail the completed test(s) back to CECA to be graded

For Virginia please use the “Print Request” link below instead.  

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Pay and Mail

  1. Register and purchase your test(s) online
  2. CECA mails you the test(s) by USPS
  3. Complete your test(s)
  4. Mail the test(s) back to CECA to be graded

For Virginia please use the “Print Request” link instead.  

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 Print Request

  1. Print a test request form (in Adobe PDF format)
  2. Include your payment in the envelope
  3. Mail the payment and request form to CECA
  4. CECA will mail you the requested test(s)
  5. Take your test(s)
  6. Mail the completed test(s) back to CECA to be graded

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Testing Costs

Carolinas Electrical Contractors Association, Inc. is pleased to offer to you the Code Course for your continuous education requirements at the low price of $45.00 per four hours of CE Credit ($50 for Alabama, 10% off for online tests). (All NC and Alabama tests are 50 multiple choice questions and Virginia tests are 25 multiple choice questions for 3 hours of CE Credit – please note that for Virginia Credit, tests must now be taken in paper form, they do not recognize our online test).   CECA members receive a 10% discount on all Continuing Education.

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About The CECA Code Course and Individual State Requirements


The Code Course is based on the changes as reflected in the 2020 NEC® and meets the requirements of the North Carolina State Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors. Each test is worth 4 hours of non-classroom time for NC.  This course is not sponsored by the NC Electrical Licensing Board or Alabama State Board of Electrical Contractors.

The annual requirement for North Carolina is 8 hours of continuing education.  Of that 8 hours,  4 of the hours must be obtained from a classroom setting and the other 4 hours may be obtained by several means including tests (online and paper form). CECA presently offers testing in paper form and online form. CECA offers classroom sessions as well. Up to 3 years of CE credit can be banked for NC Electrical Licenses. Please check our Association website for updates on classroom sessions.

For continuing education credit for Virginia, our Code Course Test must be taken in the paper format.  We will be glad to mail you a paper test for credit for Virginia.  Virginia will not recognize the online test now.  Our Code Course Test for Virginia meets the requirements of the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The test for VA is good for 3 credit hours, which satisfies the Virginia requirement of 3 credit hours during the two year term of the license. Our classes will also count toward your Virginia continuing education hours.  Hours can not be banked for future years for Virginia licensing.

For renewal of electrical license with the Alabama State Board of Electrical Contractors, contractors must take a minimum of 14 hours of continuing education during every 2 year cycle.  Seven of the hours must be in instruction in NEC/NFPA courses.  Licensees may carry over up to 6 hours toward the next renewal cycle.  Click here to read the Alabama Administrative Code pertaining to Elecrical Contractors continuing education.  Our class is approved for 8 hours of continuing education and our Code Course Tests are approved for 4 hours of continuing education for Alabama. 

The Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board requires that electrical licensees complete either 8 or 10 hours of continuing education each year.  If you renew late or have an infraction, you may be required to complete 10 hours of continuing education.  We have 8 hours classes and 2 hour classes that are approved with the OCILB.  Click here for the OCLIB site. 


CECA also offers additional free classroom sessions to CECA Members. If you are interested in membership please either contact the CECA office or apply online.


These courses are not sponsored by the NC Electrical Licensing Board, the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board, or the Alabama Board of Electrical Contractors.