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What are the new continuing education requirements for the NCBEEC?

What can I expect when I take the Code Course Continuing Education from this web site?

When can I take my courses?

Can I log off the test before it is completed and return back to it at a later time?

Can I change my answers?

Do I need special computer hardware or software to take the Code Course Continuing Education Course sponsored by CECA?

Will you keep records of my courses?

What forms of payment are accepted?

When do I receive my certificate of completion?

Do you contact the State Board with my earned credits?

What if I can’t find the answer to my question on the Questions and Answers Page regarding the Code Course test?

Online Payment Frequently Asked Questions
I Received a Fraud Alert message when trying to purchase my test and could not complete the transaction.
Fraud Alert is a “general” or vague term coming from the Gateway which is the middle man between your bank and CECA. The Gateway is an added level of protection so that your personal information remains separate from testing site.

Should you receive a Fraud Alert in one of your purchases, the below list could be the problem. If after your second attempt, the purchase is still receiving a fraud alert, contact the issuing bank of your credit card. If you try a third purchase attempt, you run the chance of your credit card being “locked” by your credit card company due to too many duplicate attempts.

Fraud Alert Explanations:
1. Duplicate transaction
2. Card code doesn’t match – 3 or 4 digit code on the back of credit card
3. Declined

I’m trying to purchase a test and I get an error page saying :sgs-020003:invalid xml:? First make sure you did not put any symbols like @ or , or letters in your credit card field. If that does not clear up the problem, then the anti-virus or spyware(SpyBot) software on the computer is preventing the XML code on the purchase page to communicate with the Gateway. Either change the settings of the software to allow XML or use another computer.

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Each question I answer correctly, the test says it is incorrect.

I get an “Internal server error HTTP 500”?

I get an “ADODB Field error 8002009”?

I log-in to “My Account” a second time via my e-mail confirmation that you sent me and instead of ending up on the page where my previously purchased tests are, the web-site takes me to a page prompting me to buy more tests. Why is that?

I am unable to view, print or download a handout or document.

The links within a course are not working.

I can’t access the course materials.

During the purchase process the discounted price for Online testing did not appear.

I’ve finished the test and it refuses to grade itself!

I’ve answered all the questions and it’s showing 100% completed. But my completion date, score, grade, credit hours and the link to print my completion card are not appearing.

I have finished all the test questions but the test will not allow me to complete the exam and I see one of the questions is grayed out and that question when I go back to it, it is unresponsive.

The same course page keeps coming back up.

How do I find my place within the course when I log back in?

When I open a test it’s on the wrong question – for instance, I open a new test and It starts on question 25 or I return to an existing test and ended on question 2 and it starts at question 16 – What causes this?

My test responses were not saved when I logged out.

I can’t log-in to the My Account area.

I’m having problems accessing a purchased test in my account area.

Why didn’t I receive a confirmation that my registration was active?

What if I can’t find the answer to my technical question on the Questions and Answers Page?

The NEC test for Virginia meets the requirements of the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The test for VA is good for 3 credit hours, which satisfies the Virginia requirement of 3 credit hours during the two year term of the license. Hours can not be banked for Virginia licensing.What are the new continuing education requirements for the NCBEEC? While the requirement is still that each licensee must have 8 hours of continuing education, starting in July 1 2008 the new annual requirement is that 4 of the hours must be obtained from a classroom setting and the other 4 hours may be obtained by several means including tests (online and paper form). CECA presently offers testing in paper form and online form. CECA offers classroom sessions as well. Please check our Association web site at for updates on classroom sessions.

CECA also offers additional free classroom sessions to CECA Members. If you are interested in membership please either contact the CECA office or click here for the member application.

These courses are not sponsored by the NC Electrical Licensing Board or the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation.