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Why didn’t I receive a confirmation that my registration was active?
There could be several things. First, you might have entered a typo when you typed in your e-mail address. Second, your e-mail settings or SPAM software might prohibit “BCC” or Blind Carbon Copied e-mail. If you are currently blocking “BCC” e-mail, temporarily suspend from your SPAM software to allow the e-mail to deliver and then add our e-mail address to your “White List”, “Accepted Contact” or your “Address Book”

The NEC test for Virginia meets the requirements of the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The test for VA is good for 3 credit hours, which satisfies the Virginia requirement of 3 credit hours during the two year term of the license. Hours can not be banked for Virginia licensing.What are the new continuing education requirements for the NCBEEC? While the requirement is still that each licensee must have 8 hours of continuing education, starting in July 1 2008 the new annual requirement is that 4 of the hours must be obtained from a classroom setting and the other 4 hours may be obtained by several means including tests (online and paper form). CECA presently offers testing in paper form and online form. CECA offers classroom sessions as well. Please check our Association web site at for updates on classroom sessions.

CECA also offers additional free classroom sessions to CECA Members. If you are interested in membership please either contact the CECA office or click here for the member application.

These courses are not sponsored by the NC Electrical Licensing Board or the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation.